The lottery is open to all residents of Alberta with the exception of: employees any participating foundation; members of the Board of Trustees of Calgary Health Trust; members of the Board of Directors of Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation; and employees of the Lottery Manager (Stride Management Corp.). Immediate family members of any prohibited individual, who live at the same address as the prohibited individual, are also prohibited from purchasing lottery tickets. No individual under the age of 18 may purchase a ticket and in accordance with the provisions of the Public Trustee Act, no eligible purchaser will include the name of anyone under the age of 18 on a purchased ticket.

Payroll Deduction is only available to employees on the Alberta Health Services Payroll, Alberta Precision Labs, Covenant Health Payroll Systems & Carewest Payroll Systems.

Payroll deduction requests must be received by the ticket processing centre to be valid. Eligible employees agree to have the amounts designated deducted from each pay cheque until such time that the employee is no longer eligible or has officially opted out of the payroll deduction program.